The Buddhist philosophical tradition is both vast and profound. We are fortunate that these teachings have begun to be available here in the west. We have here some teachings which are of particular interest to our sangha because they were given by our own teachers.

Other texts available online by Khenpo samdup include:


Learning Buddhism
Source of Temporary and Permanent Happiness

Learning Buddhism, Source of Temporary and Permanent Happiness, is a condensed compilation that reflects the essence of the Buddha's teachings, as well as the commentaries and treatises of all the great learned ones who followed. It is a compilation that will be useful for the current times, and particularly for those who have a sincere interest in the Buddhadarma.

Stages of Meditation: Awakening the Mind

Stages of Meditation: Awakening the Mind is greatly beneficial in bringing peace, good health and well-being to the body. Our samsaric sufferings come from the untamed mind and meditation is the only instruction for taming it. If you tame your mid, you gain independence. If you gain independence, the sufferings of samsara are exhausted.

Clarifying the Central Thoughts of the Single Intention
A commentary on Jigten Sumgon’s Gongchig

The Gongchig treatise by Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon contains the quintessential instructions on the many ways one can practice the Dharma of Sutra and Mantra on the gradual path to enlightenment. It is the key that opens and clarifies the vitural points of the teachings of the Buddha. The unique value of the short commentary on the Gongchig, a special text of the great Kagyu school, is that it addresses the essential points in a language that is clear and easy to understand.

Supplication to the Ultimate Illustrious Tara
A Commentary on Jigten Sumgon’s Seven Verses to Tara

When Kyobpa Jigten Sumgon attained enlightenment, he spoke "Seven Verses of Supplication to Tara." This prayer to Tara has a great power of blessing and protects one from the fears of samsara. The commentary reveals the richness and wisdom contained within these verses of supplication.


essence of the mahayana teachings

The root text, Essence of the Mahayana teachings, holds the heart essence of all the teachings of profound truth found throughout the Three Baskets and four classes of tantra of the Buddha's teachings.

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